You say Pummelo, I say Pomelo…


At a recent trip to the grocery store, I ran across this gigantic fruit that I had never seen before. My kids were equally impressed and begged me to buy it. Now, I am truly adventurous when it comes to food, and I make it my mission to at least try every food out there, so I bought it.
Once I brought it home, I looked it up in my trusty, “UC Berkeley Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition”, my one stop resource for the history, use, preparation and nutrition facts for just about any food you can imagine. It describes a pomelo as “an ancestor of today’s grapefruit…a melon-sized, slight-pear-shaped citrus fruit. It originated in Southeast Asia, and today is grown in China, Japan, and California. The flavor ranges from very tart to very sweet.” Let’s hope I got the very sweet one!
As you can see in the photo, which I took next to an average sized avocado, pomelo’s are HUGE! After cutting into it, I noticed it looks like a grapefruit, but with much thicker membranes separating the segments. Unlike its grapefruit relative, this membrane is inedible, so be sure to remove all of the white pith.

The flavor was extremely juicy and sweet. No sugar necessary…this fruit was delicious! Like many other citrus fruits, pomelo’s are very high in Vitamin C, and given it’s size, one fruit (about 1 cup) provides over 120% of the RDA at about 72 calories. It’s also a great source of potassium.
Pomelo’s are great as is, but if you want to try something different, here is a recipe for Thai Pomelo salad.



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